“Choices have consequences.”


The animations needed to emit a calm atmosphere. Where do you find this? I chose a quiet morning in the forest and a city with a sunset.


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What if we remove the focus of someone’s appearance, but solely look at the chemistry between two individuals. The visitors of this installation are supposed to have a new way of looking at someone after their visit.


Critical Thinking

Understanding the links between ideas and identifying inconsistencies and errors in reasoning.

Loaded with energy

I am an enthusiastic person who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team.

User Experience

To improve the user experience, the experience must be tested by the target group.

Connecting People

I enjoy connecting people through my designs as well as in daily life.

Meaningful Design

Because I had a strong desire to make a difference , I started studying design. It gives me purpose seeing the difference it makes in people’s lives.


Creating eco-friendly experiences is important for a great future together.

Who am I?

Giving structure, to enthuse, and to bring people together are three points that describe me. My name is Charlotte, and I am a 23 year-old HBO Communication and Multimedia Design student. Due to my previous diploma in animation (MBO), I have some extra skills to offer.


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My Vision

I strongly believe in the following quote of the Canadian professor Marshall Mcluhan:
There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.” We are not just consumers, we are makers. We make decisions, we make new inventions, we make new dreams.


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My Skills

As a CMD student I am trained to solve complex problems from the field of influence and communication with effective media solutions and valuable interaction with target groups. One of my strengths is the diversity of my training. Due to this diversity, I can make good time management estimates because of my experience in working the different stages of the design process.


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